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Oyster Bay in the news

New Zealand’s Top Brands revealed in annual Reader’s Digest survey, May 2017

Oyster Bay is the most trusted wine in New Zealand, according to the results of an annual survey of New Zealand’s “Most Trusted Brands” released by Reader’s Digest. “Being ranked on the list meant a company was genuine, authentic, reliable and consistent. But with great trust comes great responsibility."

- Louise Waterson, Reader's Digest Australasian Managing Editor

Oyster Bay: Top 50 Most Admired Wine Brand, 2016

Drinks International March 2016

Established 40 years ago, United Kingdom beverage industry magazine Drinks International is known as the world's pioneer in beverage magazines and the first guide to the global beverage buyers. Its annual release of the “World’s Most Respected Wine Brand" list has always drawn much international attention due to its credibility and respect within wine circles. Oyster Bay was ranked number 13 in the 2016 “World’s Most Respected Wine Brands”. Oyster Bay is also one of the few brands selected every year since its inception.

United States National Wine Day, May 2017

May 24 is the United States National Wine Day. Minibar Delivery, supplier of wine, beer, liquor, mixers and other drinking-related items states wine makes up 50% of the company's sales, with red wine leading, followed by white and then rosé. However, in urban areas, white wines – especially Sauvignon Blanc, is most popular. Among them, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc has become New Yorker’s favorite wines and is Minibar Delivery’s second most popular wine.

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