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A youthful, ancient wine region.


Nestled at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, Marlborough is one of the world’s most distinctive and exciting wine regions, its exquisite Sauvignon Blanc launching the country onto the international wine stage in the 1980s and now home to some of the world’s most remarkable cool climate wines.

While we may believe our alluvial soils to be ancient, in the scheme of ancient wine regions, we are considered to be quite young with soils laid down only within the last 14,000 years. Once a towering glacier, the plains of Marlborough’s valleys are the trail of its slow retreat as masses of rock debris were carried down to the coast by melt-water rivers. As these stones bask in plentiful sunshine, vine roots edge beneath to find nutrients. When the air cools at night, the stones share with the vines the warmth they have collected over the day, to help create the immaculate flavours synonymous with this special place.

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